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It’s that time of the year, again. We’re organizing the most unusual software development internships in Kraków. We’re looking for a couple of aspiring software developers who want to join us as interns for a six month long journey.

We’re looking for people who are focused on helping their teammates shine, who take care of troubled colleagues, and finally who are passionate about becoming software developers. We care a lot about organizational culture so who you are and how you act in a team setup is more important than how proficient you are with coding right now.

There are plenty of software companies out there. Why should I apply to Lunar Logic?

We are exceptional on many accounts. We have no managers. None, whatsoever. Everything at the company is transparent. Every single thing. We don’t need to ask permission. Ever. There actually is a long version of the story if you’re interested.

Six months sounds long. Why so long?

While we obviously look at technical skills we care more about your passion and learning skills than your current proficiency level. This means that we want to spend more time during internships to give you more chances to shine. After all, we hope everything will go well and we’d be able to convert you to a permanent Lunar folk.

You mentioned technical skills. What technologies I should focus on?

We expect a basic programming knowledge from the candidates (no matter the language). We do most work with Ruby, JS and Elixir. We do mobile development as well. Anything from that list is fine.

I'm not sure whether my knowledge is sufficient, but I still want to apply. Could you recommend any resources for beginners?

For those that are starting their programmig journey we recommend online courses like Learn Ruby or Try Ruby. Rails Tutorial will also give you some solid basics.

How does the internship look like?

You will work in a small team on an internal product. You will get everyday support and mentoring from us. You will have plenty of time to learn, experiment, and try new things. Ultimately, we don’t aim to build the best product in the world. We aim to help you learn most.

Is the internship paid?

Yes, we always reward the good work. There is a monthly salary of 2500zł net.

How does the recruitment process look like?

Up until August 26th we receive applications. We’ll pick the people who we like most and invite them for what we call Happy Hours. Happy Hours is a few hours spent with us at our office when different people will be doing different things with you: coding, chatting, brainstorming, joking, etc. After that we’d make up our minds and pick the interns. The internship will start at the beginning of October, depending on interns availability.

The application form seems to be pretty extensive. Why?

We want to get a feeling what kind of person you are, how you act in a team, and why you care about becoming a software developer. It is your chance to show as much of yourself as possible. So if you give a damn, show it when answering our questions.

What can I do to increase my chances of making it to the Happy Hours?

Get familiar with what Lunar is. Our blog is a good place to start, and the post about hiring may be specifically useful. Be open and personal. We seriously want to know more besides the fact that you want to learn JS and work in a cool company. Think of your superpowers. Everyone has them even if they don’t realize that. You do too. Tell us why Lunar would be a great place for you and why you would be a great addition to our team. It will work only if it’s a win-win. We won’t know whether it would be so unless you tell us about your aspirations and your perception of the company. Be honest and transparent. We simply like it. And remember, there are no wrong answers here.

🦄 We welcome disabled people, people of any race, color, age, sex, origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. Let us know how we might make our environment more welcoming for you and we will help you thrive.


Registration closes on August 26th

Programming task

Below you can find a description of a programming task we’d like you to complete. Please read it and submit your solution. You can use whatever programming language you want.

You live in the city of Cartesia where all roads are laid out in a perfect grid. You arrived ten minutes too early to an appointment, so you decided to take the opportunity to go for a short walk.
The city provides its citizens with a Walk Generating App on their phones - everytime you press the button it sends you an array of one-letter strings representing directions to walk (eg. [‘n’, ‘s’, ‘w’, ‘e’]).
You always walk only a single block in a direction and you know it takes you one minute to traverse one city block.

Create a function that will return true if the walk the app gives you will take you exactly ten minutes (you don’t want to be early or late!) and will, of course, return you to your starting point. Return false otherwise.

Note: your function will always receive a valid array containing a random assortment of direction letters (‘n’, ‘s’, ‘e’, or ‘w’ only). It will never give you an empty array (that’s not a walk, that’s standing still!).